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SIG Heat Shrinkable White Koverall (Various Sizes)

SIG Heat Shrinkable White Koverall (Various Sizes)



SIG Heat Shrinkable White Koverall (Various Sizes).

Product Item #: KV003


Product Description

Koverall Heat Shrinkable White Cloth is a cloth covering of the type used on full-scale aircraft, but in a lighter weight (1-1/4 oz. per sq. yd.) for models. Koverall can be used on almost all R/C models large or small. Its superior strength and low price has made Koverall a real favorite with builders of giant size models.

It's the most economical cloth covering you can buy! SIG Koverall is an uncoated, heat shrinkable plain fabric. It has no glue on it. To adhere Koverall to a model, you can either dope it on ala the traditional silk-and-dope method, or better yet, use SIG Stix-It heat activated covering adhesive (see below). Just brush a coat of Stix-It on the model framework, let it dry, then iron-on the Koverall just like you would a much more expensive iron-on fabric covering.

Once the Koverall is stuck down around the edges, it can be shrunk perfectly tight with an iron or heat gun. Seal the Koverall with 1 - 2 coats of Sig Nitrate Clear Dope and then apply the finish of your choice.

A light weight polyester based fabric that shrinks tight with heat. It has hight strength and is easy to apply. It accepts all common model paints like dope, enamel or epoxy and weighs 1.25oz per sq yd.

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