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Scientific Explorer Electro Magnetix Kit 02017

Scientific Explorer Electro Magnetix Kit 02017
Scientific Explorer Electro Magnetix Kit 02017Scientific Explorer Electro Magnetix Kit 02017


Product Item #: 02017

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Product Description

This science kit will provide hours of fun for your little scientist! The Electro-Magnetix Mini Lab by Scientific Explorer® teaches kids all about magnetics and how magnets are related to electricity. Over 30 fun games & experiments are included in this kit. Kids will be able to build a compass, make a magnet float in mid-air, create magnetic fields, work with a magnetic pendulum, make magnets jump, and play with a working electromagnetic motor.

This is safe for kids to use and comes with a 31-page instruction booklet! This kit is a great educational gift for kids ages 8 and up!

This kit Features:

  • Steel plate
  • Magnet cover
  • 2 red plastic plates
  • 4 red support posts
  • Plastic sleeve
  • 2 bar magnets
  • 10 disk magnets
  • Motor magnet
  • Compass needle
  • Compass card
  • Coil of copper wire
  • Nail
  • Rubber band
  • 2 brass contact clips
  • 2 sets of decal dots
  • Bag of iron fillings
  • Sandpaper
  • Battery holder
  • 31-page instruction manual
  • Some activities require a “D” battery which is not included

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