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Salt Water Fuel Cell Car by OWI Robotics OWI-750

Salt Water Fuel Cell Car by OWI Robotics OWI-750


As the smallest, least expensive, not to mention first Salt Water Fuel Cell Car to be powered by saltwater, the Salt Water Fuel Cell Car gives children a chance to learn about new forms of clean energy, while building and powering their very own toy: Just add saltwater and go!
Product Item #: ELEOWI-750

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Product Description

This environmentally and kid-friendly concept reflects the new, cleaner ways we think about automobile production and demonstrates first hand to children a more effective utilization of our natural resources.

Kids will be awed by the remarkable simplicity and effectiveness of the toy. After activating the fuel cell module with a saltwater mixture, the magnesium metal sheet (3 sheets included) can operate the car for about 5-7 hours continuously. If you want to park the vehicle, simply take out the fuel cell module and rinse with tap water and dry.

Super cool toy which actually has so many real-life uses as you learn about the power of such simple elements.


  • Model Number OWI-750
  • Number of Puzzle Pieces is 1000
  • Some Assembly Required Yes
  • No Batteries Required as it runs on salt water
  • Color white and blue

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 7.5 x 2 in



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