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P-26 Peashooter 17.5 by Dumas 223



Dumas Rubber-Powered, P-26 Peashooter Flying Scale Model. For beginners learning how to build & fly or the advanced modeler.


“Stick and Tissue” construction (many small sticks glued together to
form the airplane and then the frame is covered with tissue paper)
Over 100 laser-cut parts and hand selected balsa
Lightweight white tissue paper covering
Color peel-and-stick decal set
Full size plan and step-by-step instructions
Plastic propeller, tailwheel and 2-two-piece wheels
Vacuum-formed plastic cowling, wheel pants and clear plastic
windshield sheet
F.A.I. tan II contest rubber bands
Un-bent landing gear wire and pre-hooked propeller shaft

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Product Description


Full size plans, step-by-step instructions, balsa sticks, laser-cut
balsa sheets, vacuum-formed cowling & canopy, 5" (127mm) plastic
propeller, wheels, wire propeller shaft & landing gear, tissue
paper, decals and clear plastic windshield.


Hobby knife, razor blade, canopy scissors, plan protector, needle
nose pliers/wire cutters, CA glue, paint for cowling(Like Testors),
sandpaper, white glue to attach covering, 1/8" brush, nitrate dope


Wingspan: 17.5" (445mm)

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