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Motor Mount 46/55AX by O.S. Engines 71913100

Motor Mount 46/55AX by O.S. Engines 71913100


Motor mount drilled and tapped to fit the O.S. (2-stroke) 40SF, 40SF-S, 46SF, 46SF-S, 40VF, 46VF. Includes all hardware necessary for mounting the engine to a firewall and mounting the engine to the engine mount. The nose gear hole is not pre-drilled


Four M3.5×16 engine mounting screws (secures the engine to mount)
Four lock washers (for the engine mounting screws)
Four blind nuts (they fit into the firewall)
Four M4x20 motor mount screws (secures the mount to firewall)
One L-wrench for the screws

Product Item #: 71913100

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Product Description


Type of Material: All Aluminum mount with Steel screws and washers
Type of Mount: Beam style mount with a square shaped back
Overall Length: 66.5mm (2.6")
Overall Width: 55.7mm (2.2")
Height: 55.2mm (2.2")
Useable Beam Length: 44mm (1.7")
Width from center of mounting hole to center of mounting hole: 44mm
Distance from the back of mount to center of mounting holes:
36mm (1.4") rear hole
53.5mm (2.1") front hole

Additional Information

Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 x 5 x 1.25 in

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