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Air Power by Klutz 564778



Rocket science made simple! With this kit, kids can build a hovercraft, a hot rod, a helicopter, and a rocket.
Air Power makes rocket science as easy as blowing up a balloon and letting go. This book and science kit in one delivers rocket-propelled fun with four easy-to-assemble vehicles — race a sturdy cardstock hot rod across the floor, glide a hovercraft over the dining table, take flight with a helicopter, and blast off with an only-from-Klutz balloon-powered rocket. Tweak, tinker, and experiment to make your balloon-powered craft go as fast as can be. Our book contains super-clear building instructions, scientific principles, and real-world examples that make rocketry and jet propulsion simple. Air Power brings a breath, make that a blast, of fresh air to Sir Isaac Newton’s famous Laws of Motion. It turns out that rocket science is way too much fun to leave to the rocket scientists.
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Product Description


  •  48 page instruction book
  • 4 plastic parts (2 mouthpieces, thrust vent for hovercraft, blast cap)
  • straws for blast pipes
  • 8 wheels
  • 4 axles
  • one hot-rod body
  • one hovercraft body
  • rocket fins and tube
  • helicopter blade assembly
  • three 9" balloons
  • two 6" balloons
  • *Note: balloons contain Latex.

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