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Human tissues (Second Series) Slides by Konus 4911 Set (10)

Human tissues (Second Series) Slides by Konus 4911 Set (10)



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These series provide a comprehensive analysis of Human tissues, one of the most interesting parts of Biology, which is the reproduction and propagation of plants.
From flowers to algae and from mushrooms to vegetables, you can therefore learn about the circle of life in nature.


  • Packed in a practical and attractive box.
  • Every slides features an individual description of the related specimen in 8 languages.
  • Every set includes the description of the whole 34 series of the Konus range of slides, embracing many different themes.
  • Every set is introduced and commented by a Professor of a renowned University.
  • 1. Human skin, section transversal section of hairs.
  • 2. Human salivary gland transversal section.
  • 3. Human cerebellum transversal section.
  • 4. Bacteria from human intestine.
  • 5. Human spermatozoa, smear.
  • 6. Human heart muscle, transversal and lateral section.
  • 7. Human bone transversal section.
  • 8. Human liver tissue transversal section.
  • 9. Human intestinal wall transversal section.
  • 10. Human kidney, transversal section of a cortical zone.

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