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Head Lock Pro Glow Plug Heating Clip 48″ by Sullivan Products M037

Head Lock Pro Glow Plug Heating Clip 48" by Sullivan Products M037


Head Lock Professional Glow Plug Heating Clip. This clip is a modified version of the Original, see COMMENTS.


Has a locking style glow plug clip
It is pushed on the glow plug and twisted clockwise to lock on
Has positive spring contact that will not come off from engine
To disconnect this from the glow plug, twist it counterclockwise
Protective plastic cap helps keep the unit clean and prevent shorts

Product Item #: MODM037

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Product Description


One Head Lock with 48" Wire Lead
One Protective Plastic Cap


Banana Plugs or Alligator Clips to attach to Glow Plug power source.


Identical in mechanical details to the Original Head Lock except for:
Stainless Steel Body for mechanical strength and long corrosion free fit.
48" Long, Quality Lead Wire allowing easy use with planes up to 8 feet in wing span. (original was 30" long)
Revised Internal Dimensions that make the "PROFESSIONAL" fit
BRIDI, ENYA, GLO-BEE, JOZ, OPS, ROSSI, OS and all other standard glow plugs.
Molded Nylon Insulators.

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