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Fieseler 156 Stork by Dumas 308

Fieseler 156 Stork by Dumas 308


30″ Wingspan-Scale, Rubber-Powered, Fieseler 156 Stork Flying Model.For Beginners Learning How To Build & Fly Or The Advanced Modeler.


“Stick and Tissue” Construction (Many Small Sticks Glued Together To
Form The Airplane and Then The Frame Is Covered With Tissue Paper).
Over 90 Lazer-Cut Parts and Hand Selected Balsa.
Light-Weight Gray Tissue Paper Covering.
Color Peel-And-Stick Decal Set.
Full Size Plan and Step-By-Step Instructions.
Plastic Propeller and 2-Two-Piece Wheels.
Vacuum-Formed Clear Plastic Canopy, Cowling, Exhausts and Windows.
F.A.I. Tan II Contest Rubber Bands.
Un-Bent Landing Gear Wire and Pre-Hooked Propeller Shaft.

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Full Size Plans, Step-By-Step Instructions, Balsa Sticks, Lazer-Cut
Balsa Sheets, Vacuum-Formed Cowling & Canopy, Plastic Propeller &
Wheels, Wire Propeller Shaft & Landing Gear, Tissue Paper, Decals.


Hobby Knife, Razor Blade, Canopy Scissors, Plan Protector, Needle
Nose Pliers/Wire Cutters, CA Glue, Paint For Cowling(Like Testors),
Sandpaper, White Glue To Attach Covering, 1/8" Brush, Nitrate Dope,


Wingspan: 30"
Length: 20-1/4"
Height: 7-1/2"

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