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Evolution Optical Ignition Kill Switch EVOA100

Evolution Optical Ignition Kill Switch EVOA100


A must-have safety device for any model with a gasoline engine, with the Evolution® Optical Electronic Kill Switch you can kill your gas engine remotely from your transmitter without having to touch your model. The kill switch is fiber optically coupled to isolate your radio system from the ignition system so you won’t have to worry about interference.

Product Item #: EVOA100

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Product Description


Application: Optical Isolating Kill Switch
Length: 1.50 inch (37mm)
Width: 0.67 in (17mm)
Height: 0.30 in (7.5mm)
Weight: 0.30 oz (8 g)


  • Remote LED to indicate if the ignition is live
  • Fiber optically coupled to eliminate interference
  • Li-Po/Li-Ion/LiFe/Ni-Cd/Ni-MH compatible
  • Output range from 3V, 3 amps up to 20V, 16 amps
  • Minimal voltage drop, less than 150mv
  • Surface mount technology
  • High-quality wiring with universal servo connectors
  • Only 0.3 oz/8 g
  • Automatically shuts down power to the ignition on loss of signal

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