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BADGER Braided Air Hose 10′ 50-2011

BADGER Braided Air Hose 10' 50-2011


Braided Air Hose 10′ by BADGER AIR-BRUSH CO.

Product Item #: 50-2011

Please Note: This product only works with Badger airbrush equipment and is not compatible with other brands.

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Product Description

This is 10' of Braided Air Hose from Badger which connects to your airbrush compressor.  It's nice to have a hose this long so you can place your compressor in a spot which will keep the noise down and you happily working along in peace.  Let's turn up the tunes and not worry about the whir of your machine blowing air.


  • Used to connect airbrush to air compressor.
  • Durable rubber air hose in braided fabric housing.
  • Swivel connection for airbrush at one end and varying air source connector fitting at opposite end.


10' of Braided Air Hose.


Length: 10' (3.05m)

Additional Information

Weight 0.36 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 3 x 1.5 in

Badger Airbrush


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