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Arm Safe Arming Kit w/12AWG by Schumacher (SUD0304)



This is the Schumacher ArmSafe Arming Kit with 12AWG Wiring.

Product Item #: SUD0304

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Product Description

Arm Safe Arming Kit w/12AWG by Schumacher.


  • Reduces the risk of propeller strikes when installed between the
    battery and ESC in electric RC models


Aluminum Nut/Ring
Female Ultra Plug
Arming Plug
Black Plastic Base
18" (457mm) length of 12AWG Wire with Red Insulation
2.7" (70mm) section of Shrink Tubing
Mounting Hardware


12AWG Wire Current Capacity: 80A Continuous, 120A Max Burst
Rated with 10mph 80° air flow for eight minutes with burst
ratings for 5 seconds provided the average current (including
the bursts) does not exceed the Max Continuous amperage rating


Installation instructions on back of header card

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