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We love our customers

and thankfully some have taken the time to tell us about it on Google+ , Yelp and our Facebook page.  Thanks for the feedback and if you are happy with our service we would also love to hear from you.

Love this store and the great selection. If you want to support local then look no further as they have been local for 5 generations and you just can't beat that! I love that I get to buy cool toys for me...I mean my Son. 🙂  Jarl Berg

Jarl Berg,

Knowledgeable, friendly mom and pop operation. The kind of place everyone wishes would stop disappearing.

Maurice Griffin,

I love this business for so many reasons.

First off, Mark, the owner, always remembers my husband's name. When my husband was a kid, he used to go here with his dad who was a model train enthusiast. Now, even though he's all grown up, Mark remembers my husband and chats with him every time we go in. Mark was just a kid himself back then yet he still takes the time to say hi to us. That's just some awesome right there.

Next, I build guitars and these guys have all the little random things I need including various super glues in a range of viscosity. I call here first when I'm trying to find specific paints or even copper foil rolls. They have stuff that even the glory of the internet can't find for me. Plus they save me from buying online so I can keep my money in town. That's good business for both of us.

Finally, the toys are fantastic. We shop here every xmas for our nieces and nephews. Not only is the toy selection great, but they also have a wonderful selection of games and stickers and other small gifts. For older kids, there are lots of model kits of all kinds. Plus, the staff has played with the toys so they can help you figure out the best one for the kid. I don't really care if their toys are more expensive than big box stores since it's money well spent.

Please shop here. Pretty please with sugar on top. I may cry if they ever go out of business. You don't want that. I cry ugly.

Vanessa R.,